Dear Representative:

I need you to know why.

You represent me. You need to understand.

I don’t march. I’ve never done it before.

41 years and no marching.

Democrat and Republican presidents. No marching.

But I vote. Every. Single. Time.  I also write checks to help worthy candidates get elected.

So, you need to know why I woke up early on a cold, wet January morning to walk down Fayetteville Street with 15,000 North Carolinians.  You need to know why I made signs reminding my fellow citizens that love drives out hate.


I saw a sea of other people like me, middle-aged moms who don’t have time for activism–and we are becoming activists. I also saw people very different than me–men, people of color, kids and gay folks. And it was beautiful. Love marched down that street.

I marched because I will not tolerate bigotry, direct or indirect, coded or explicit. Part of America’s power is its diversity. We are stronger because we are not all the same and diverse views foster creativity and prosperity.

I marched because I believe in ethical leadership. Conflicts of interest, profiting from office and nepotism are unacceptable. The President and his cabinet nominees must be held accountable to The People.

I marched because I care about healthcare, and I don’t just mean mine. I have employer sponsored health insurance. But I care that other Americans have access to the same. I don’t want to go back to the days where the emergency room is the primary care provider for most Americans.

I marched because Muslims have a right to lawfully become American citizens. My rights as a Christian depend on Muslims and Jews having the same rights. My freedom depends on their freedom.

I marched because I believe in science. Science is not a matter of opinion. Climate change is real. We don’t have time for our leadership to ignore that. I don’t want to die of old age knowing my kids are going to die because of the effects of climate change.

I marched because I believe in public education. An educated electorate is the bedrock of democracy.

Mostly I marched because Jesus did. He marched to Jerusalem. He marched up a mountain to make the ultimate sacrifice for love.

I marched because right now, in this time, with my faith, I didn’t have a choice.

Pay attention. I am not alone. Hundreds and thousands of others marched with me. Will you?