“Majority rules,” said one Republican, North Carolina state senator about the North Carolina General Assembly’s unprecedented power grab, stripping Democrat Governor-Elect, Roy Cooper, of hundreds of political appointments and altering the balance of power of the NC Board of Elections and the Ethics Commission.

Apparently not.

The majority of North Carolinians voted to elected Cooper, doing something North Carolina rarely does–defeating an incumbent governor.  To amplify the intentionality of this decision by a majority of North Carolina voters, Republican incumbent, Pat McCrory, lost reelection despite Trump’s coattails.

I’m going to let that sink in a minute.

North Carolina was a red state nationally–it went soundly in the Trump column. And the majority of voters still voted for Cooper.  Let me be more explicit.  That means that voters who voted for Trump also voted for Cooper.  A majority of them; in fact, 10,000 more of them. Once all the votes were counted, Cooper’s lead was large enough that McCrory did not even qualify for an automatic recount.

In this era of Twitter policy briefs and the failure of the media to “call bullshit” when politicians hide behind trite, emotional one-liners without any factual support, it imperative for the electorate to call it. So, I am.

What the Republican General Assembly just did was not about majority rule. It was a partisan power grab intended to usurp the will of the majority.

Tell me why every headline covering this story isn’t this: “NC Republicans Say “Majority Rules” as they Defy the Expressed Will of the Majority of Voters”?

Or, maybe this: “Hypocritical NC General Assembly Claims “Majority Rules” While Defying Majority Rule.”

So there it is.  B.S.